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After the birth of my first son, we had visited and looked at another provider's place, and had the paperwork filled out, ready to drop him off for my first day back at work. Until I had a panic attack Saturday night before I head to work on Monday, and my mommy instincts told me, "I cannot send my child there!" I consulted Google and found Heaven Sent on Sunday, and begged for a visit that same day. Christina was sympathetic, and took the time to show us around on a Sunday. I am so glad she did, the baby house was everything I had imagined the perfect infant daycare set up to be - a spotless house that is professionally cleaned once a week, cribs all lined up along the wall and not in the way, making for easy supervision during nap time, music and play times, and wholesome snacks. My son was EBF, and it was no problem at all, they worked with fresh and frozen milk. You can send your own home-made baby food, or they make their own baby food, and have wholesome snacks for older children. Needless to say, I was sold! My son has attended since he was 12 weeks old (he turned 4 a few months ago). He successfully transitioned to the preschool house, and within about a week of being around the older children, he started talking non-stop! The Heaven Sent experience has been a very positive one for him developmentally, learning social skills, being on a schedule, potty training, daily art projects, how to write his name, and even learning basic math! The fears I had about sending my child to a care facility - that he would come home with learned bad habits, eat junk food all day, not be challenged, and not nap during the day and be exhausted at night, were completely unfounded in his experience. He came home telling me about the manners he learned that day, the home-made enchiladas he ate for lunch, the fun he had playing with his friends outside, and the math and writing he did! They also have a wonderful nap process, he is rarely overly tired at night. She has an electronic draft payment set up, and is very easy to work with. I highly recommend, your children will be in excellent hands.

Lisa B


I can tell you a little bit about my experience with Heaven Sent. My children started with Christina when my daughter was 2 and my son was 7 weeks old. We chose Christina because her homes felt comfortable and safe. My daughter did not show any hesitation when we first visited. She was immediately exploring and making herself at home. That was the sign we needed. She had previously been shy when entering a stranger's home and I trusted her instincts. My kids remained there from May 2011 - Sept 2014. We had moved a little over a year ago but continued to commute to Christina's but now that my daughter has started Kindergarten, we had to find a place in town for my son. My daughter always said her favorite thing is the projects. Christina is very creative and crafty so the kids always had a lot of fun while learning. My son's favorite is the backyard and the food. Typical boy right? Lunch and recess! The food program is incredible. The meals are always healthy and encourage my children to explore different foods. When we moved, I toured other daycares and there are few that compared. That is another reason we stayed, there are some out there that I saw that had dangerous electronics, smoking, and just a dirty feeling. I had no concerns for my kid's safety with Christina. The biggest thing that I miss is the communication. Christina was always available for questions throughout the day and flexible if I was running late or the numerous times that my schedule changed over those 3 years.

Claire T.


I have been taking my 3 year old to Christina since she was 3 months old. She was highly recommended by my other daughters childcare provider. I was so impressed by her that I now take my other daughter to Heaven Sent during the Summer & when school is out.

My daughters feel completley safe and secure in her home. They look forward to going there each day. Ms. Folsom offers many educational activities, as well as healthy snacks & meals. The kindness & patience in which she shows to all her children is outstanding. Her home is always kept clean & child proof. I would definitely recomend Ms. Folsom( Heaven Sent Chidcare) to any families in need of daycare. With her background experience & strong abilities to connect with children , she can definitely offer everything a family would be looking for in a provider.

Jennifer H.


Ms. Folsom's daycare provides care in a warm setting. She excels at meeting infants' and toddlers' developmental needs. Due to the attention that Ms. Folsom and her assistants devote to children in developing social & motor skills, my sons developed these skills early relative to his respective age. Her daycare is full of music, dancing, joy, healthy food, and happy children! My son has loved it from day one, and rarely even looks back to say goodbye to me when I drop him off in the morning. Her daycare also reinforces respect & care for others. This is evident in the caring, respectful way that my son treats others around him.

Her daycare provides HC with all the life, learning, and discipline skills necessary to thrive in school.

Amanda C.


My husband and I are educators. When I first started doing research looking for a daycare for my first son, I was really determined to not only find a safe and nurturing environment, but one where they prepared and served primarily organic meals. At the time, there was no place on the west side that met these requirements and took children under two. Upon visiting Heaven Sent, I really liked that there were two houses, a baby house that was developmentally appropriate for babies a few months old to about 2 or so years old, and a toddler house that developed preschool skills like socialization, art, and story time. My 4 year old has even had the opportunity to go to a tae kwon do class down the street!  My 2 and 4 year old boys have both been going to Heaven Sent since they were one. They both have enjoyed their time at both houses. There have been great teachers/caregivers that my boys have really loved. I can reach Christina and the teachers by text during the day for any updates or concerns and feel like I have been able to really be a part of a working education/ socialization for my boys. I highly recommend Heaven Sent- and this is coming from a pretty picky mom!

Erica D.

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