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Do you offer financial aid or take DHS or other State paid programs?


Yes we do. There is a program through DHS (Department of Human Services) in Oregon and Washington that helps eligible low-income working families pay for child care. This helps parents to stay employed, and children to be well cared-for in stable child care arrangements.

Are you accepting infants ages newborn- 18 months old?


No, we currently only have openings available for children 18 months to 6 years old. Please contact us if your child is younger than 18 months and we would be happy to put you on our waiting list. 

What is different about Certified Home Childcare?


Certified in home care is a unique choice that can provide your child with the benefits of both center and family care. Certified homes are regulated like centers and have many of the same requirements. Every certified home goes through an annual certification process and is inspected by the childcare division and the county health department. The certifier also observes the staff working with children and  conduct unannounced visits during the year

What ages are you accepting?


18 years old till 6 years old

If space is available we will take school age children during non-school days, Spring break, and Summer vacation.

How do you screen your assistants / staff?


All staff are required to pass FBI criminal background checks. We also check all of their personal and work related references.

What are the staff's credentials and training?


Here at Heaven Sent Childcare we take our own education as serious as we do the children in our care.

We are continually taking child development related courses.

All staff must pass FBI criminal history checks, are 1st aid & CPR trained , food handlers & take at least 20 hours per year specializing in the care and education of children.

What meals do you provide?


We prepare meals from scratch using  fresh, local, natural & mainly organic ingredients when available.

We are regulated by the U.S.D.A. Food program & serve Breakfast, Lunch, & Snacks.

How much screen time do the children get?


We believe that children can watch T.V. at their own homes and that frequent t.v. watching is not appropriate for daycare/childcare. We do on rare occasions have a special "Movie  Day" where we will watch a G movie, eat popcorn, & relax in the afternoon as a special treat. Other that we don't watch T.V., tablets, cell phones, play video or computer games.

How do you discipline a child?


We use a positive discipline approach to aid with inappropriate behavior. Children will learn to make choices and begin to understand the natural or logical consequence of choice. There are many positive discipline strategies that we use based on the age and personality of each individual child. ~Love and Logic~

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